Our gin is something that reminds us of simpler times. Using only six botanicals, we created a gin the way we like to enjoy it, a little more non-traditional, that’s lighter in juniper and heavier in citrus. We kept it simple. With the help of vapor infusion, the flavors flowing through your senses are distinct and easy to pick out. The mellow body is no doubt thanks to the neutral grain spirit that we mash, ferment and distill right here with high quality wheat grown in Montana’s Golden Triangle. It pairs magically with tonic and is the star in some of our signature cocktails.

Gin 90 Proof / 45% ABV


The renowned high quality winter wheat that we use to make our premium vodka, comes from the heart of Montana’s “Golden Triangle”, an area which produces nearly half of Montana’s wheatcrop each year. It is here that Corder Farms, a 7th generation family operation in Chouteau County, grows our grains. These grains are some of the most premium grains found anywhere in the world. The quality of the wheat shows through in every sip of our incredibly smooth vodka.

Vodka 80 Proof / 40% ABV

Honey Huckleberry Vodka

Lolo Creek Distillery’s Honey Huckleberry Vodka is inspired by local, wild, Montana huckleberries and local, naturally sweet, Montana honey… both of which can be found near our tasting room on Highway 12. We want you to enjoy the unique richness Montana has to offer in each and every sip.

Vodka 80 Proof / 40% ABV

Haunted Waters® Bourbon

A spin-off an old family recipe, this bourbon is aged in Texas and perfected and finished in Lolo, MT with pure Rocky Mountain water. This full-bodied spirit begins with sweet toffee and caramel notes, followed by a very smooth, oaky, finish. Toast a glass to family, friends, and traditions, past and present. May the spirit of Grandpa George live on through these Haunted Waters!

Whiskey 89 Proof / 44.5% ABV

Hucked® Huckleberry Bourbon Whiskey

Two things Montanans love most are good whiskey and huckleberries. What happens when you combine these two things together?

Real Bourbon. Rare Huckleberries. Huckin’ Good.

Whiskey 75 Proof / 37.5% ABV

Peached™ Bourbon Whiskey

PEACHED™ is a peach flavored, smooth, bourbon whiskey.  Enjoy it on the rocks, mixed with iced tea for a summer refresher, or add it to a white hot cocoa for a warm winter toddy.  This is a favorite for whiskey and non-whiskey drinkers alike! 

Enjoy the good things in life and enjoy them PEACHED!


Whiskey 75 Proof / 37.5% ABV

Our Grain

We use renowned, high quality, hard red, winter wheat that is grown in Chouteau County, which is in the north-central region of Montana. Trampus and Staci Corder are local farmers in the heart of the “Golden Triangle”, an area which produces nearly half of Montana’s wheat crop each year and is the top wheat producing “county” in North America.